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Time and again, visitors to Luxembourg are amazed by the many diverse facets of the Grand Duchy. Here, one can encounter modernity at every turn, but also numerous traces of a rich medieval past, pristine landscapes and hillside vineyards. A wide selection of hotels and accommodations, together with the excellent infrastructure, enable all visitors to travel through and experience the country’s different regions on their own terms. And, be it the diverse and picturesque countryside, the culinary delights or the traditional festivals or other cultural events, a visit to Luxembourg is sure to be a rewarding experience for everyone.

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Luxembourg – The Capital City and its Surroundings

Well preserved fortifications and numerous parks accentuate the appearance of the Grand Duchy’s capital city of Luxembourg – a city renowned for being a leading financial center and the seat of important European institutions. The city’s deep valley along the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers creates a striking contrast, for it separates the different quarters of Luxembourg while at the same time serving as a point of attraction for many cultural events. To the west of Luxembourg lies the Eisch Valley, also referred to as the “Valley of the Seven Castles” (for good reason).

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The Ardennes

The Luxembourg Ardennes (or “Éisleck”) is a region featuring expansive natural landscapes, high plateaus and beautiful rivers. The Upper Sûre Natural Park and Our Natural Park are ideal for visitors seeking a close-to-nature experience.

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Upper Sûre Natural Park

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There are numerous opportunities for hikes, and a hike can often easily be combined with a visit to one of the region’s many castles. With respect to the latter, Vianden, Clervaux and Bourscheid castles are particularly worthy of mention.

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Mullerthal is known as the “Little Switzerland of Luxembourg” due to the region’s impressive sandstone rock formations. With its extensive forests, rocky cliffs and winding streams, Mullerthal is an ideal hiking and climbing area.


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The town of Echternach developed around the Abbey of Echternach – founded by St. Willibrord – today counts among Luxembourg’s historical centers. Every year on Tuesday after Pentecost (Whit Tuesday), the town invites the public to participate in a dancing procession that has become well known beyond the country’s borders.

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Moselle River

Due to the favorable mild climate, the hillsides of the Moselle are ideal for winegrowing. Luxembourg’s only viticulture area is famous for the quality of its white wines, which visitors can taste along the 42-km Route du vin (wine route).

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 Land of the Red Earth

The southernmost part of Luxembourg – the Minette (region) – is characterized by its mining heritage and the red color of the soil from underground iron ore deposits. Today, the region’s dynamism and multiculturalism is leading it to a new path. Visitors to the Fond-de-gras open air industrial and railroad museum should make it a point not to miss Luxembourg’s most important archaeological site on Titelberg hill. The Celtic Treveri built an oppidum (settlement) here during the 1st century BC.

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Overnight Accommodations and Dining

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