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National Symbols

Coat of Arms

The state of Luxembourg’s flag and coat of arms are protected by the law on national emblems of 23 June 1972, which also established the State Heraldry Commission towards this end. The coat of arms was modified many times before reaching its final form sometime between 1235 and 1239 under Count Henry V of Luxembourg. The symbolic figure ("charge") on the coat of arms is a red, forked-tailed lion with gold claws and a gold tongue, and wearing a gold crown. The escutcheon (heraldic shield) on which the lion appears has ten silver and blue bars arranged horizontally. Or, in heraldic language: The coat of arms is a barruly of argent and azure in ten parts and a lion rampant gules, crowned, armed and langued in gold with a forked tail crossed in saltire.

National Day

Celebrating the birthday of the head of state has a long tradition in Luxembourg. During the long reign of Grand Duchess Charlotte (1919-1964), the annual holiday celebration was held on her birthday, on January 23. However, since 1961 Luxembourg’s National Day has been celebrated on July 23 due largely to weather reasons.

The Flag of Luxembourg


The colors of Luxembourg’s flag were chosen to correspond with international standards. Sky blue was selected in order to distinguish it from the flag of the Netherlands, which has a cobalt blue stripe.

National Anthem

The national anthem consists of the first and last verse of the song Ons Hémecht (Our Homeland) dating to 1864. The words were written by Michel Lentz and the music was written by Jean-Antoine Zinnen.

(English Version)

Our Motherland 
Where the Alzette flows through the meadows,
The Sura breaks through the crags.
Where the vine fragrant grows along the Moselle,
The sky promises us wine:
There lies the land for which we willingly
Dare everything down here.
Our Homeland which we so deeply
Carry in our hearts.

O Thou above, Whose powerful hand
Leads the nations through the world,
Protect the Luxembourg land
From foreign yoke and threat.
As children Thou already instilled in us all
The spirit of freedom.
Let freedom's sun, which we have known for so long,
Shine for evermore.

Link to the national anthem in MP3 and WMA format:

Additional information about the national symbols can be found in the following brochure: