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EU Joint Programming for Lao PDR


"The long-standing partnership between the EU, its Member States, Switzerland and Lao PDR seeks to support poverty reduction through sustainable economic development in-line with the internationally endorsed Sustainable Development Goals."

(EU 2016)

"Joint Programming" documents constitute the legal frameworks for the Union's Development Cooperation strategies. The nine European development partners for Laos are the EU, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The current multiannual "European Joint Programme for Laos" has been adopted in June 2016 and clusters implementation in seven priority sectors:

  1. Agriculture & Rural Development Sector Response Plan (Participating partners: France, Hungary, Luxembourg and Switzerland)
  2. Education Sector Response Plan (Participating partners: EU, France, Switzerland and the UK)
  3. Environment & Natural Resources Sector Response Plan (Participating partners: Finland, Germany)
  4. Governance Sector Response Plan (Participating partners: EU France, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland)
  5. Health Sector Response Plan (Participating partners: France, Luxembourg)
  6. Nutrition Sector Response Plan (Participating partners: EU, France, Switzerland)
  7. Private Sector Development Response Plan (Participating partners: Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland)

The following complentary sectors and cross-cutting issues are mainstreamed in all European priority sectors:

  • Civil Society
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Disaster Risk Reduction/ Preparedness
  • European Investment Bank
  • Energy
  • Investment
  • Mekong River Commission
  • Migration
  • Multilateral Institutions
  • Regional Integration
  • Research and Innovation
  • Statistics
  • Youth
  • UXO's


Further information:

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